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Mya gets some Good News

Nov 22, 2006

We received the MRI results finally for Mya and the results were good.  The doctors did not find any developmental issues with her brain so that's one more thing we can rule out now.

She has been making some great progress lately.  Its still slow and methodical but it is progress.  She's pulling up on things more effectively and even starting to cruise a couple steps on furniture.  She'll be 18 months old in a couple weeks and she's about 4 months past the stage where late walkers typically have already started to walk on their own, but we'll take progress every step of the way.

Our next big milestone for her is in January now(bumped out one month.)  She needs to complete her development and learn to walk in the next 7-8 weeks if we are going to be able to avoid the nastier tests.  We're working with her all the time, so hopefully it will pay off.

I wanted to thank all my family, friends, and readers that offered all the great support for Mya.  We really do appreciate it, and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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