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Cat Houses for Babies

Nov 9, 2006

We're trying to find ways to motivate my 15 month old daughter to climb and exercise and build up the muscle strength to walk.

Developmentally she is a behind in her development.  She has been undergoing physical therapy since March, and we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to inspire her to get more exercise.

Today, we were doing some light home improvement on the stairs and we had some left over carpet.  My wife was inspired with the idea of building a cat house like jungle him for my daughter Mya.

Here are the rough scriblings for the idea so that you can get the idea:

The general idea is provide something that is just a little padded, provides pleanty of traction and is baby height and very easy to pull up on with lots of things to grab and scoot around, climb through and so forth.

Not sure that we'll be patenting cathouses for babies anytime soon and even if we did, I'm sure we'd trademark it with a different name!

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