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Ebates Coupons save you Money at Christmas

Nov 29, 2006

I came across a service that I heard about a long time ago, but never had a chance to follow up on.  Many months maybe even a few years later, I finally got around to looking into a company called Ebates. 

Ebates is a unique online service that provides consumers with an interesting method of reaping additional rebates.  In the online world many websites receive part of their funding by referring visitors to a shopping site.  The visitor that is referred may purchase something from that site and upon the purchase if the retail site can identify the referring source through cookies, they may pay an affiliate commission to the website.

Ebates has established a system where they provide coupons to their members.  They simply provide a portion of the affiliate commission to the shopper in the form of a rebate.  Its real simple.  Affiliate commissions have been around since before the internet was invented.  The technology just makes it easier to track and provide access to the masses.

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