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Where's a MegaGlobe when you need one?

Nov 16, 2006

OK, so there's a new search engine that is supposed to launch sometime soon called Megaglobe.

You can go there now and submit your own website or blog to be listed or indexed by Megaglobe, but you can not search there yet.  So I took a minute to prod megaglobe along, afterall there's no need to sit on the fence.

I'm frankly getting a little tired of some of the search options out there.  We haven't really seen anything that shook up search significantly since Google divorced itself from Yahoo!

I want some more options, I want a little change.

We Want Megaglobe

So I put together this little video to spur megaglobe on just a bit, this was recorded around midnight or so and yours truly could use a little sleep which may or may not be apparent in the video, but even more than sleep, I'd really like some more options!

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