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Martial Arts Roots

Nov 29, 2006

When I was a kid and later as a teenager, I was very much into martial arts.  I collected throwing knives, stars, staffs, swords, num-chucks and a lot more. 

I made a lot of my own stuff and collected even more.  I studied full contact kickboxing for a long time and found that practicing and honing my skills with martial arts equipment to be an excellent way to focus and harness my energy.

These days I'm getting a bit older, my son is starting to collect swords himself. I have studied Tai Chi a bit and have been thinking about taking TaeQando.

I still have a heavy bag that I work out with these days, but I miss the training with others working to perfect movements and technique.

I think this might help me re-target some of the focus that I developed way back then. It served me very well and could be very useful today in my business and consulting life.

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