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I've got Beads coming out of my Ears but My Daughter Loves it!

Nov 15, 2006

I have two daughters and a very crafty wife, actually my wife has a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, so calling her crafty is a bit of an understatement.

My family has started collecting beads.  We have what I would refer to as every possible color or manifestation of a bead possible.  However my wife and daughter definitely disagree.  I don't completely understand it, however they love to string beads and make various types of jewelry.

I shouldn't be too surprised.  My wife made my wedding ring after all. 

Well, I've got a little surprise for them, because even I was able to find some beads that they don't have already!

Gilbert & Frech Jewelry, Gems and Beads have some very nice and very amazing beads and jewels available at their bead store.  I look forward to seeing their surprise when they get some Apple Green Turquoise Nuggets in their stockings for Christmas!

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