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Midweek Slow Down - Turn Around Tonight

Nov 15, 2006

I kind of approached Wednesday with a midweek slow down.  I've had a number of different meetings and things this week that are family related and its nipping into my work.  I do not mind, but it means that I have to do even more at night to stay on top of things.

Monday, I had to take my son into the dentist.  Today I had to take my wife to work and watch the kids by myself this evening.  Tomorrow, my wife and I have to meet with my son's teacher for Parent Teacher conferences.

None of these events take a great deal of time nor are they a real big distraction.  The work complication is more in the setup and take down time involved.  Mostly I can launch into my work on a laptop about any where that I have a wireless connection.  Plus, I can record voice notes in my voice recorder and rapidly convert the dictation to something useful when I get back to the computer.  But all the coming and going during the middle of the day does break up my routine and does make it a little tough to keep things moving along quickly and efficiently.

I'm pretty far behind on my writing this week, decrease in writing compared to last week of about 40 fewer articles and its only Wednesday.  I'm also behind on my web development projects and my to do list, which I had worked down to about a dozen things over the weekend (from 30) has inflated back up into the low twenties again.

What I really need is a good mobile laptop solution.  I used to do a great deal of work with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 and I may take a fresh look at putting that on a table device so that I can dictate some of my writing while I drive!  Let's see them come up with a state law against that!


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