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Thanksgiving in Orlando?

Nov 10, 2006

I'm heading up to Illinois for the Thanksgiving holidays and we are going to rent a van for the trip.

Every year we tell ourselves that we are not going to travel north in the winter time basically because we are a couple of northerners turned into wimps.

One of these years we are going to have to stick up for ourselves and try and convince the family to venture south for Thanksgiving.  Maybe we can even talk them into a Orlando vacation.  I just read this and it gets me a little home sick for Florida.  You've got Disney World and Sea World and Discovery Cover and Bush Gardens and you name it. 

The last time we headed down that way we stayed at a Ron Jovi hotel, more like a condominum with three attaching suites.  That was back when I used to live in Boca Raton.  Well I guess its time to start digging my parka out of the attic . . .  :(

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