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My TV Screen is 7 feet across and 5 feet tall

Nov 8, 2006

All right let's whip em out and hold a contest.  Who has the bigger . . . .

TV Screen.

I bring home a projector from work on occasion and watch TV on my wall.  The projector sits behind my couch and behind me so there is no equipment or anything distracting.  Just this great big massive image right in my living room.

I haven't been to the movies in ages.  I've got my own home theatre whenever I want.  The resolution is spectacular, this isn't one of those old dim quirky projectors that gets left in a conference room for decades at a time with a bulb replacement every leap year.

This is DLP technology with super bright screen and terrific resolution.

What's the drawback?

Well if you happen to watch a show on cable or something that flashes some nudity, you might wind up with a four foot image of a bresticle so large that every neighbor down the street can see it and know it for what it is through your windows.

It used to be with projectors that you'd have to shut the shades to dim the room.  The bigger issue is getting a an indecency citation for watching the Super Bowl.

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