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Scrappleface Predicts Bush won't replace Laura despite Pelosi's Requests

Nov 8, 2006

Scott Ott writes some great satyre over at Scrappleface.  This afternoon he's got a great little article worth checking out.  His most recent article I think correctly lays out that President Bush will probably not send Laura Bush packing despite any requests from the new Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco.

I think Scott missed a little obvious fodder.  If he had taken the time to interview Laura, and if Bush had been drunk enough to ask, they might have both found out that Laura would have had no qualms inviting Pelosi to the White House for a political mena a troi.  Everyone knows that the White House gets a little drafty this time of year, and a little extra body heat might make for an extra Merry Christmas.  Besides a little sexual scandal would sure take the publics mind off the problems in Iraq.

We can't forgeth that they are all politicians and in the same bed already with the lobbyists.  This election has succeeded in getting rid of some of the more blatantly corrupt politicians.

We should not forget that the term corrupt politician is redundant.  We have only taken out the 'blatant' aspect and replaced the varies political seats with the lesser of two evils, less blatantly corrupt.

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