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Shout Out to Help the People that Help our Pets

Nov 30, 2006

I do not think the world would be as happy of a place if no one had pets and too many times the people that care for our pets go without recognition.

So I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all the veterinarians and pet hospitals and groups that help keep our pets healthy and happy which helps to keep us happy.

More and more we are finding that animals including our pets have more intelligence and greater abilities at communication than has ever been imagined. It only makes practical and ethical sense for us to help these sentient beings just a little bit more.

Included in this is the need for us to choose our veterinarians carefully. I was just reading about los angeles veterinary needs and requirements and learned that less than one fifth of veterinary hospitals voluntarily submit to on-site evaluations by the American Animal Hospital Association. As I see it, we need to support the veterinarians more so that they can build up strong enough businesses to advance the cause more.

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