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Passing Along Some Good Karma

Nov 28, 2006

This morning I took my wife to work and then took my son to the dentist.  On the way to the dentist my son and I stopped at a local Waffle House for breakfast. 

We had a good, slightly greasy, but typical Waffle House Breakfast.  As I was finishing my food, the waitresses waived over to me and told me that a gentleman, who had sat at the counter had paid for our breakfast anonymously before leaving.

I thought that was pretty cool.  We left a nice healthy tip for the waitresses (there were two, one in training), and left for the dentist appointment.

On the way home, I explained to my son several concepts and theories including the idea of karma, and the general idea of 'passing on good fortune or luck' or the idea that 'one good turn deserves another'.  All in all it was a great way to start the day, good breakfast, time with my son, and an anonymous unexpected gift.

I told my son that we'd have to stay on the look out for the right opportunity to pay for someone else's meal someday soon.  I explained that since it had cheered us up, it might do the same for someone else if we continued to pass on this good will!

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