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Podcasting Update

Nov 28, 2006

After hitting the road for the holidays and taking my podcasting gear with me, I am back and working on getting caught up with a number of things including my Podcasting work.

My goal is to have the show up and functional by December 1, which is 2 days away!

So I have a lot of work to do to bring that off.  For those of you that only know me from this blog, I am actually trying to bring up 3 different podcasts on 3 different blogs all at the same time.  Hey there's nothing like a challenge right!

Plus, I am trying to launch an entirely new web service site (podcast included) and get a great deal done in the contracting area so that it can be a merry Christmas and so I can fund these additional business ventures.  There is a lot to do and just soo much time, but I promise I will get this thing running!

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