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WordPress Lock Out and Delete

Nov 8, 2006

WordPress staged an ugly little lock down of bloggers today.  Bloggers that make money from their 'free' WordPress hosted accounts are breaking their terms of Service. 

Every now and then WordPress gets their dander up over this and will go in and provide their users with a short notice and then delete their account from the database.

Since they are hosting it, I guess you get what you don't pay for but it does seem rather mean of WordPress.  Afterall what does it really matter if someone is earning a few bucks from their blog?

  1. I guess Wordpress doesn't want the freeloaders on the db or servers.  If you are on WordPress and making money and haven't been caught.
  2. You should make an immediate backup of your blog.
  3. You should start making contingency plans of where to move your blog should WordPress lock you out.

Now's probably as good of a time as any to find a domain host and get setup fresh.  You can still use WordPress software on your own domain and host and then you will never have to worry about big brother WordPress deleting all of your hard work.


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