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Note to Self(Britney Spears), Don't divorce your husband with a Text message when He owns the Sex Tape Copyright

Nov 13, 2006

Britney Spears is not having a very good month.  She recently notified K-fed that she wanted a divorce via a text-message and was then surprised to recieve his divorce paperwork requesting custody of the kids and $20m US aprox.

K-fed may not have much going for him, but in some bizarre twist of fait, he apparently owns the copyright to a sex tape he made of he and Britney having sex on their honey moon and he's threatening to release the tape to a notorious Arizona firm that pays big dollars to get celebrity sex tapes, such as the Hilton tapes.

It even appears that a 19 second clip was released onto an adult video site as an opening salvo in the divorce.  She recently lost a lawsuit where she attempted to quash a sex tape only to be further embarassed by the judge that ruled that her reputation was built on her sexuality and expression of sexuality and therefore the sex tape could not injure her reputation further.  I would have to say that was a pretty cold judgement and I have no opinion on whether or not its accurate.

Maybe next time Britney goes on a fling, marries some guy, creates a sex tape, has two kids and decides she wants a divorce, she'll be a little more diplomatic. . .

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