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NetResults Launching Internet Marketing Collborative News Platform

Nov 11, 2006

NetResults is a newly launched website.  They have structured a collaborative writing internet marketing blog.  They are reaching out to gather together writers from areas covering Web 2.0, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and general internet marketing topics.

NetResults Marketing Collaborative Site

If you are interested in writing on occassion with NetResults or occassionaly submit an article to them for posting they can be reached by email from their website (thumbnail feature on the right).

I was very interested in their second article (not counting the initial press release of their launch).  They talk about a grid server system from Temple working on the Elastic Cloud solution for networking  multiple computers together to share computing power.

I am not a network guy myself but have always been fascinated with the concept of networking even just the computers in my own home together to get more processing power when I need it when I'm rendering something with a lot of graphics or crunching several million data lines in a database.

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