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Building up Page Rank for Google Searches

Nov 11, 2006

For anyone that blogs you should become aware that Google plays a key role in providing you visitors.

People can find your blog through natural search engine searches in many ways.  We often think that if we just type something and a person on the internet performs a search on say a pair of words that just happen to be on our website that we might show up in the results from Google.

The truth is that Google hires the best mathematicians from around the world to build complex formulas to determine if your keywords are the right keywords to refer their searcher.  For this they look for a number of factors.  Page Rank used to play a large role in Google's analysis of link popularity for returning successful search results.

Google saw many SEO specialists sprout up that rapidly learned how to best their system and so Google has evolved into new metrics including a new term referred to as Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI) which is a process that looks at the incoming links to your website and reviews the content on the page they came from and the header or title of the page at that location.  If the referring page with the link has content similar to your own content then it increases the value of your pages importance for potential search engine results.

Blogs are an excellent source for this type of contextual referral service and as such a new business model has emerged to capitalize or harness the power of bloggers to help refine and zero in on the right pages using services like

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