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The Kitchen Project That Needs To End

Nov 12, 2006

I have a kitchen project that needs to end, and end right away!

We began re-construction on our kitchen in early 2003. We made the biggest changes last spring, when we knocked out a wall, built a 5x6 island with a cook top stove and refinished the walls and many other things.

We haven't finished the floor yet and we need to get this bad boy done by Christmas. We have the money to do the project, but not the time.

We initially wanted to go with ceramic tile, but that will require resurfacing the sub floor with luan. We've been thinking about going with a laminate floor as that floats on top of a rolled padding and would require luan.

Luan does cost, but its more an issue of the time involved rather than the cost.

So as we asses the laminate flooring pros and cons the deciding issue is more about how long it will take to install versus anything else.

We had thought a great deal about going with a cherry wood or dark wood color at one time, but maybe we should look more into the potnetial laminate possibilities with laminate ceramic tile so that we can still get the effect we had envisioned, yet still benefit from the ease of installation and reduce time requirements for the project.

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