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The Sausage Sensations was not sensational

Nov 10, 2006

I ran to Sam's Club for a few things and was planning picking up one of those way to big to eat pizza's there.


Go in, order Pizza, shop for some stuff, check out, pick up pizza go home.

But I get there after going through what turned out to be a ridiculous amount of Friday evening traffic.

Walk in to Sam's Club with my daughter Zoe.  Head to the Pizza counter and see a line of 20 people.

I look up and see a number.  Call this number to order a pizza.

So being the gadget carrying super nerd that I am, I reach down and grab my trusty Treo 600 the 1960's finned cadillac of smart phones.

By this time I'm pushing a cart calling after my daughter to keep up and dialing the Sam's Club that I'm standing inside.  I get through and tell the operator I want to order a Pizza.  Mental note, 'it feels stupid calling Sam's Club to order a Pizza!'

I start cruising through the aisles picking up the things on my list, 'Ah crap, the list is in my trusty Treo 600 and I'm on hold now and can't see the list,' as I was saying I'm cruising through the aisles picking up things off the remnants of my mental list.

  • Diapers
  • buffalo wings
  • lazanga
  • baby wipes
  • pull ups
  • baby tomatos
  • chips
  • gold fish
  • chicken fetuccini alfredo
  • milk
  • dish washer detergent

Boom I get kicked off of hold, no surprise there.  So I call my wife, and we decide on ordering a pizza the old fashioned way.  We debate over Pizza Hut and Papa Johns and since my wife's making the call we go with Papa Johns.

I head home with Zoe and she's cracking me up the whole way.  She's very funny for a four year old.

I get home and get the news that the pizza won't get here for another hour, oh well.

Five minutes later the door bell rings and there's the Pizza.  Grab a quick pen sign the receipt - $3 tip instead of $2 since it was so damned fast and take the boxes inside smelling of supremen pizza.

I'm not a supreme pizza person.  I'm a all the meats pizza.

As it turns out, Becky was trying to get a Sausage Sensation pizza, but the Sausage Sensation pizza isn't really a 'meat lover's pizza'  It's more of a supreme pizza with sweet sausage slices on it. 

Not really my thing so I end up eating some peperoni pizza and bread sticks.

Foiled again. . .

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3 Gabbles(comments):

Hi Brett,

My daughter likes pizza more than I do so she always gets what she wants. Pepperoni. Eh. I prefer supreme pizza.:)

I replied to your question about the Blog in Space graphic, but I thought I'd come here and leave you a comment, too.

Here you go. It's the last graphic.:)

Unknown said...
2:27 PM  

Hi Mae, thanks for the link! I forgot to run cocomment the night I left that message and hadn't made it back yet.

Sometimes I surf too much and get a little lost in cyberspace!

Unknown said...
2:36 PM  

No problem. I understand. Getting lost in cyberspace is sooo easy to do.:)

Unknown said...
3:11 PM  

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