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Nov 6, 2006

Last week I set up my own online store and I'm pretty excited about my new project.

It didn't take much work at all to setup.  The service that I signed up with covers the customer service, provides a product catalog of over 700,000 products, takes care of credit card payments and shipping.

All I have to do is pick the products, determine the pricing levels and I'm in business and ready to start promoting it.

My plans are to offer good deals from my store on occassion providing killer deals on things to my reader of my blog and future listeners of my podcast.  :)

In the meantime, I'll be promoting products through various providers like Froogle, Yahoo! Shopping and Ebay.

For my bloging friends that are interested in this type of cross promotion, I've got more information on my Softduit site.  Learn How to Setup a fully stocked Online Store for yourself!

Right now I'm spending a  gretat deal of time taking the free courses that are included in the service that help you to customize the store, the website and learn how to promote it better.  This won't help me get rich quick or anything, but I think it will help build out additional aspects of my web related activities and help me to keep doing what I love!

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