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WallHog LifeSize Posters

Nov 29, 2006

Here's a very cool idea for a Christmas present.  Get someone a WallHog.

What's a WallHog its a seven foot tall by a little over four foot wide graphic printed up from a digital photo.

You can create something for a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, teen agers, or even for dorm rooms.

Wallhogs are pretty simple, you can upload a picture, they'll strip out the background, and print it up.  There's no glue or sloppiness in the installation so you don't have to worry about ruining a wall that you do or do not own.  These typically are not posters, but posters are available.  These have a 10 year indoor expected durability and are scratch and water resistant, even fade resistant to UV rays.

here's an example

Moving or changing dorm rooms, they come down fast without screwing things up so your landlord won't put you through the wall.  They can be put back up multiple times (as many as five)

The prices start out at $25 and go up to just under $80 depending on just how big you want to go!

Personally, I'd go for something crazy.


My son however would probably get a kick out of this as well though.

 My wife is great with photography so this might even be something she'd be interested in for her hobby business or even her classroom decorations.  Regardless its a cool idea, a cool service and relatively pretty darn cheap for custom art work that you control for your own place!

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