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The War Between the Species 4

Nov 12, 2006

Gliding through the layers.  Moving as one, we slide we glide we spread, we contract.

We separate from the Goodness and settle to the sandy gritty depth, settling in for a rest, absorbing the warmth from the brightness above us.

Now, We are floating through the cosmos, one with out group.  No currents, no layers, no warmth no cold, just together.  As a mass we fold the potential realities together until we have organized the reality we shall choose to recover.  Recovering a reality is essential to remaining as one and moving forward together.  We know that any species that fails to recover a reality will be split, broken from itself and forced to exist.  They will loose contact with their destiny lost in the depths of their physical mind, trapped in the biological processes of ego and self interest.

We feel it, sense it, know it before we see it as a group.  We reach out with our selves with our essence and we begin to seize and fold.  We have parsed thousands of realities together for thousands upon thousands of millennia, passing in and out of multiple biological vessels as the possible realities are assessed.

We have arrived at the reality.  We have folded the reality.  We can now begin to merge our disembodied reality with our physical reality and begin the ascension of our group.  Our physical world has not witnessed an ascension in almost two and a half million years.  We were not ready then, we must not make the same mistakes that were made by the collective of that era.

Our reality requires that we wipe the blight of that era from our physical presence.  The blight of that former era disconnected from the cosmos and has suffered mightily ever since.  We must end their misery and initiate the end of suffering for the rest of our world's beings.

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