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Preparing for the Week to Come

Nov 13, 2006

I'm sitting here tonight at about 5 till midnight and I'm working on getting a jump start for the week.

Tomorrow morning I have to drive my wife to work and come home to take my son to the Dentist in the morning at 9 and then off to school after his appointment.

So from a business perspective, I'm going to need to make up a little time.  I'm working on some of my organization for the week and I've been going through my to do list that piled up last week.  For several reasons, I watched my task list last week pile up from 4 items past due to 30 items.

Once things get behind it doesn't take long for things to really get behind.  So I've been working the task list down step by step.

I set up some new Software products on my website at Softduit earlier, something I've been meaning to do since Monday.

Right now these are the skeleton pages and I've got more work to do, but the content and reviews are the easy part or at least the part that can be rapidly built and something I can do when travelling if I have to.

Here's a list of the pages that I setup tonight, all titles from Nuance, and I've used the hell out of their software over the years.  :)

More Great Software Titles

I have a good deal of work to do reconfiguring drop down menus on my site there, but I'm working to get my titles caught up and the pages built out.  For me that makes it easier to map out the pages and figure out the optimum menu structure, and just make the menus.

Well for now, I'm working on pushing out content in anticipation of tomorrow.  I'm working at a pace of writing about 20-30 articles a day across various different websites.  These are articles that vary in length from 100-350 words each with 225 about the average.

That's about 4-7,000 words a day.  :)  No biggy that since I type fast, but keeping my brain focused on the topics and pulling all that detail out of my cerebral cortex, while I read the wall street journal, surf the internet, watch the news and listen to a CD all day is good exercise for keeping me young and my brain flexible.

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