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Fantastic Week for Business

Nov 7, 2006

This has been a great week for business. I've had two different events occur this week that have helped me to focus in on where I'm going with things and really get on track.

As a result I'm flying again with the various Podcasting work I'm doing. I'm catching up on My Flash training and that's moving along well.

My web marketing efforts are hitting in a very high gear, and best of all, I'm writing a lot.

That's the part that gives me the best satisfaction when I'm working from home. Its only topped by the up close and personal work that I get to do when I travel and get to meet the people that I've been working with long distance. I'm heading on a scouting trip for some talent one of my shows during the Thanksgiving break and I'm anxious to get that kicked off. Separately I'm trying to get more pushed into gear with my tech articles. I've been writing a series of articles covering Broken Technologies to kind of run with the CNN theme of Broken Government and Broken borders , etc.

There's a lot of technology that has serious potential but continually fails to deliver. I've been covering it from the perspective of how it could be righted and in some cases outing what appears to be a failure but deep inside is actually manipulation by the companies trying to benefit from the perception of a problem in order to justify pumping up prices or resetting a product channel or something. The real fun is digging in and tracking on this theme!

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