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There's not Something about Pea-Flavored Soda

Nov 21, 2006

Jones Soda Company out of Seattle this year has continued with their yearly tradition since 2003 of offering to the world various different types of flavored soda.

This years addition to the soda palletes of dozens, is Green Pea flavored soda.  It is hoped that the new Pea flavored soda will compliment their line of sodas which includes broccoli casserole, coron on the cob, turkey and gravy, sweet potato and antacid flavor.  They have also created fish taco and salmon flavored soda.

Peter van Stolk is the Chief Exec at Jones Soday and he refuses to touch the stuff.  He was quoted by the AP recently as saying "Fish taco was just nasty and we tried curried chicken.  That was just wrong."

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2 Gabbles(comments):

Oh, he's right. That's just wrong.

Cass said...
10:16 AM  

Yeah, I'm sticking with diet coke myself. :)

Unknown said...
3:34 PM  

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