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Cold Cold Rainy Soccer Game

Nov 12, 2006

Yesterday my son had a make up soccer game postponed from a rain out.

The forecast in the morning called for a late afternoon thunderstorm right around game time.

By mid day the forecast had cleared up and no thunderstorms were supposed to come.

Twenty five minutes before the game it started sprinkling and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees.  There's a phone number for the soccer field and when we called it, the games were still on so we headed out to the field.

My wife kept the girls in the van and went to the drug store, while Corbin and I went to the game.  He started warming up and I went to line up with the huddling groupg of parents.

As the game started the rain started to pick up a little bit.  I tried to take a few pictures of the game, Corbin was doing pretty good even had a great fake while he was dribbling the ball up the field.  My pictures were all a bit shaky from the cold.

I had forgotten both my phone and Corbin's water bottle in the van, so we were both kind of stuck.  My wife made it back  about ten minutes before half time so I went back to the van got the water but no phone lying around.

By half time the rain was coming down and the kids were soaked.  The coaches agreed to play for ten minutes more after half time, but the parents revolted and a group of the parents hiked across the field to tell the coaches that it would be over now.  They ended up compromising for another 5 minutes, this entire negotiation being kind of funny.

So the game wrapped up, and we all pretty much packed up and bolted out of there.  The season has been a little rough around the edges and this was a strange way to end it.

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