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Stressful Week: Getting rid of Stress

Nov 17, 2006

Warning to my readers.  I'm writing this to help rid myself of stress.  That may or may not be good for your own stress levels.

So if you enjoy the soap opera, then continue, but I do not want to transfer my stress, just need to air it out a bit.

The week has been filled with several little setbacks.  It started out great.  We wrapped up the new business plan for the collaboration project for a team of people working out of New York and the Northern East Coast.  The plan is together and now its just about stacking blocks and connecting the dots.

Shortly after the plan came together, the distractions started to kick in and they weren't terrible, but they were rather relentless.  Monday, I took my son to the dentist and that's not a big deal, but I worked late on the plan the night before and didn't get a lot of sleep for his rescheduled 9am appointment.

That then transfered over to some writing assignments that got hosed for technical reasons.  No big deal either as I have writing assignments coming out of my ears, but I did finish a couple that won't be utilized and I really do not like to waste the effort.

Wednesday and Thursday saw my son home early from school around 12:30 or so as there parent teacher conferences.  I had to pick the girls up on Wednesday form day care as my wife is a teacher and she had conferences those days and on Wednesday they ran late.  My wife caught a ride home with a fellow teacher, and they stopped at our house for a beer after the conferences were over, so I didn't get right back to work.

I made some progress late that night learning some new things to do in Flash, and got paid for it no less, but a simpler video project that I did came in right at the minimum length.  However when it was played back over YouTube it shaved 3 seconds off the video, and I've been having trouble all day doing the video editing to get an additional 10 seconds put back on the video.  My computer just isn't made for compiling video!

A business deal with one of my clients is almost wrapped up this week.  I'm looking forward to redirecting some energy now that it is over, but it finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule.  So now I'm working on filling in the time and replacing the billable hours.

I got a great leed early in the week, but that will be on hold probably until after the holidays.  Oh and we've been stressing over the baby's progress.  No word yet on the MRI results, and on top of everything else she had an asthma attack or something last night for the first time ever, so no sleep last night.

So today I went jogging with my son, Corbin. I hadn't been jogging for almost 2 weeks now, due to bad weather.  So we took it slow and ran about 2 miles, then walked the dog.

While we were walking the dog, we met the neighborhood burglars.  They were breaking into a house, and we walked right by them while they were at it.  We got just around the corner and out of their site and I called 911.  I was put on hold right away waiting for an operator, and finally got the 911 operator on the line and took for ever to get the information to her.  They promised to send a car out, but never saw it.  When we turned around to go back, no robbers in sight.  We must have scared them off and now they will be around to robb another day.

Silly little stuff all of it.

Next up focus on my flash training, writing, and the initial web design for the NY project.

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2 Gabbles(comments):

Chin up! Hope your back with it soon :)

Cass said...
12:08 AM  

:) Thanks Cass, I just posted the getting back with it soon article a couple minutes ago.

I'm a pretty optimistic type of person, just got a little wore down the last couple weeks by lots of little things piling on top of each other.

Fortunately this has helped me to do a little dust bunny cleaning and things are looking better already!

BrettBum said...
1:25 AM  

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