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Tybee is calling me - 'Move here!'

Nov 7, 2006

I lived in Savannah Georgia for about three years and some of my favorite memories are from Tybee Island.(usually on or in the water) I just went back to Tybee for a week long vacation in early June and it was fantastic.

Every time we go to Tybee (which is about every year) we keep telling ourselves this is going to be the year that we buy a place here. Its a small island community with great beeches.

You can walk the whole island or ride a bike or anything in a short They do have some big crabs there - Don't miss the Crab Shack!amount of time. Whenever we are there, we usually spend part of the trip walking the island and looking at houses, and as soon as we get back, we hop online and do the same thing and one of the best sites for it is Tybee Island Real Estate.

Here's a picture of the Key Lime House, our rental cottage this year. Sometimes I think that if I can't live there, I should buy a couple rental cottages and let myself stay there several times a year.

I definitely look forward to going back and with any luck and a lot of successful blogging maybe this will be the year that I buy a place there!

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