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Yard Work Leaves and Needles

Nov 11, 2006

My son and I went out and cleaned up the yard today.  Its been a little neglected for a couple weeks.  Hey ran the leaf blower, and I raked and picked up piles of leaves and pine straw.

We reuse the leaves and pine straw in the back yard as mulch in the dog pin or fenced in area for the dog that is little too big for a pin.

Its kind of handy as we have kind of a au-naturale section of the yard where the pine straw makes a decent bedding and lots and lots of trees, which I'm told that dogs like.

After we got all the leaves picked up then I mowed the grass.  Hopefully that will be the last time I have to mow the grass until spring.  I probably could have let it go, but that will make it harder to rake leaves and pine needles next week!

Here's the end result . . .


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