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Good Fortune If My Luck Holds Up I'll buy breakfast for everyone at Waffle House

Nov 28, 2006

Earlier I mentioned how I had been fortunate enough to have a person buy my breakfast at Waffle House and how I utilized that opportunity to explain to my son a little bit about the concept of Passing Along Some Good Karma.

Well my good fortune continued later on today.  I took my son to his dentist appointment, which went very fast.  I had an appointment scheduled for several hours later, but they were able to take me at the same time as my son.

I am going to get my teeth whitened and needed to get impressions of my teeth made.

We did the impressions, and the dentist who is a little new for the office realized that my x-rays were out of date.  She didn't want to have me put the whitener on my teeth if I had any cavities and so opted to provide a full exam on the spot.  I had X-rays taken and a quick check.

I had a failing filling with a slight cavity and another cavity in one of my molars.  I take care of my teeth, but I do have some fillings from my early teen years that seem to attract cavities.

The cavities being in the rear wouldn't impact the whitener and so we proceeded with that and made plans for taking care of the fillings later in December.

Now normally, learning that you have 2 cavities would not be considered fortunate, but the dentist's office gave me a break on the exam and chose not to charge me for the X-rays!  That probably saved me about $75 personally and my insurance company about $125.

That was fortunate indeed!  I bought a lottery ticket, and if I win a substantial amount, I'm going to buy breakfast for everyone in that Waffle House someday!

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