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Review Your Doctor and Get Some free tunes on

Nov 11, 2006

Well its Saturday night and for those readers of mine out there that were thinking of a freebie, I have a nice easy freebie for you.

here's the link to Vimo

All you have to do is rate your doctor at Vimo and you'll get a code for five (5) free songs to download from  Just normal MP3 files so they'll play on any normal MP3 player or an iPod.

Don't worry you do not have to sign your life away, give a blood test, provide a credit card number, recite the alphabet by punching letters on the keyboard with four pencils taped together and stuck in your left nostril, nope all you have to do is complete a simple rating on your doctor, which allows Vimo to acquire some stats about doctors so that later on people shopping for a doc can get a better idea of who they are signing up with and that makes a lot of sense especially if you have ever moved or had to rapidly change health plans and didn't recognize any of the doctors on the list.  At least you can read some reviews on them and find out if they sound like a good fit.

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