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Could we Survive Turkey Day without a Microwave?

Nov 21, 2006

A couple more days and the preparation for the feast will commence.  The refrigerators and freezers around the country are filling up with last minute buys only to be emptied sometime on Thursday.

Microwaves have been around since shortly after I was born, and so I've grown up with them for the most part.  I still can't cook an egg right in one of them, but I don't like eggs anyway.

The technology is getting simpler to use, but its also starting to combine with other technologies.  Did you know that you can get a microwave oven with a grill built in it these days?  I bet George Foreman doesn't like that idea, kind of pops him right in the pocket book.

 We're probably going to move next summer and that means typically starting over again with most of our appliances as we've designed our current kitchen with everything mostly built in to the walls.  So as I'm visiting my relatives this week for Turkey Day I'm going to be scoping out the possibilities of what you can do with a microwave and figure out more about what we're going to need.  Maybe I'll even grill up some cranberries!

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