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Danny Devito Joins the List of Celebrities on a Rant

Nov 30, 2006

Apparently the war in Iraq is really getting under the nerves of everyone in Hollywood.  Driving people to drink and spout off at the mouth in an uncontrolled fashion, some spouting off without the influence of alcohol at all.

First there was Mel Gibson tearing into police for pulling him over for drunk driving when he was drunk.  A belligerent drunk driver is nothing new for police, but he is a celebrity and was slurring Jewish people in a rant blaming them for the war in Iraq.  Since he has created a high profile as a Christian advocate and works in an industry founded by many famous people of Jewish decent there was a lot of fodder for people to talk about.  He made the rounds apologizing, reminded everyone that he was an alcoholic and sought treatment.

Then Michael Richards (aka Kramer from Seinfeld) went off the deep end when some guests interrupted is comedy routine and started spouting off racial epithets and worse while a different audience member caught the entire episode on their video capable cell phone.  Just as in the Gibson situation Richards immediately started apologizing left and right.

Now Danny Devito has gone on The View after a late night of alcohol consumption with George Clooney and went on a rant too.  His rant was devoid of racial slurs, but packed in a number of not made for TV slurs against the President.

So who is going to be up next in the Hollywood meltdown and will alcohol be the culprit again?

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Well I always knew that that Munchkin would flip his lid. I don’t think that he’ll take too much shit for talking bad about bush though, because it’s like the cool thing to do right now. Doesn’t matter much I guess. DeVito always made ma laugh, at that’s what matters.

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