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I've Been Slacking With PayPerPost its like a Smoke break without the Smoke in your Lungs!

Nov 3, 2006

I write for a half dozen blogs, and in July I started blogging with PayPerPost. 

I started kind of slow in July and wrote maybe 20 different posts for them.  They gave me the topic, I wrote up the topic however I wanted and PayPerPost sent me money via PayPal. 

Now I'll admit, I went slow in July waiting for that first payment to come.  But when I started getting PayPal Payment emails everyday, my incentive to write for PPP and for myself increased dramatically.

Since July now I've written over 150 posts with PPP.  That's out of about 500 posts that I've made for all my blogs. 

I've been paid $888.97 so far and have earned an additional $240.12, which should be coming via PayPal soon.  That's a total of $1,129.09 for writing a few thousand words in my spare time.

Plus, I've picked up a lot of great readers like you along the way!

I've found that the more motivated I am to write the more I write and the better I write.  Nobody really wants to read someone every day droll on about how miserable they are.

So I spend a few minutes every day making some extra bucks and that gets me charged.  Its like taking a smoke break and having a good conversation with friends and getting a $10 bill for your time, except you don't have the cigarette and smoke.  :)

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