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Car Seats, Laptops and TV Trays, You can't call this a mobile office!

Nov 3, 2006

I've been racing all week working on a new venture for my business.  I've been working to put together an entire advertising program around multiple websites that I've been building.

I've been doing all of this to support a new customer and partner.

I needed to get things done last night or more precisely before 9am this morning.  I already knew that I'd be up most of the night, but my son has soccer practice on Thursday nights, my wife is a teacher and has to do her grading on Thursdays and we have two other daughters 4 and 1 that are very demanding on any day of the week.

So I took my son to practice in the minivan, I sat outside the soccer field in the van with my TV tray propped in between the drivers seat and the baby's car seat. My laptop cranked up and I was working all through practice.

I really thought about taking the TV tray and a chair to the sidelines to be closer to the action, but I'm sure the other soccer parents would have thought that extra weird, and I didn't have time to explain.

The picture is a little blurry.  I didn't want to use the flash, because I'm sitting in the back of the van, and there are people in the cars next to me.  I didn't want them to get weird ideas about what I was doing in the back of my van with my camera at the soccer field.  I need that misconception like I need a hole in the head!  lol

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