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Higher and Higher!

Nov 3, 2006

The best way to keep your mind young is to keep learning.  Just like my body cramps up and starts feeling decrepit if I don't get some exercise on a regular basis, your mind will cramp up and start to lose substance, atrophied even if you don't constantly challenge it and exercise your brain.

I'm reading and hearing a lot of people in the news talking about the US being way behind in comparison to other countries on a number of fronts.  People get shoved down and disenfranchised out of the political system on purpose.  If they don't know what's going on and don't feel like they get a benefit out of voting, then they don't vote.

There's a referendum on the ballots in Arizona to give everyone a million dollar lottery entry when they vote.  Its to encourage people to turn out and vote.


Critics though say that this will basically encourage Stupid people to vote.  I say, that this encourages people to promote more education.

If the people and lobbyists and power brokers have an incentive to promote higher education then they will.  More people will seek out education after high school even after their bachelor's degree programs.  The country will start to advance and people won't get shoved down as much on average.

You don't have to wait for the politicians to invite you back into the system.  All you have to do is invest a little time, money and energy in yourself.  Skip that trip to Wal-mart and spend a hundred bucks on making yourself smarter.  There are many programs for lots of different subjects in schools all around the country that can get you a degree, another degree, a master's degree or even new technical skills or certifications so that you can get that promotion or better job.

There's no time like the present, but if you are in Arizona vote for that lottery incentive so that the elitists will have the incentive to work towards educating the masses even more!

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