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Vegas Wedding Bells

Nov 3, 2006

PPP is sponsoring a wedding in Vegas on November 18, and everyone on the forums is voting to see who will win the wedding trip.

The winner gets married in Vegas and gets a $1000 in cash!

I'm voting for Michael and Julie (aka Jules).

Julie gives me great advice on the forum and knows how to program in PERL!

I've tried to pick up PERL a few times, but regularly got distracted. 

The winners will get a night in a Premium Vegas Hotel (my recommendation is the Bellagio) plus the license and ceremony are coverd.

The whole PayPerPost Wedding will be video taped and streamed on the internet naturally. 

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PERL? Perhaps you mean Perl the language or perl the execution engine, but there's nothing called "PERL", unless you're talking about, Protecting Escarpment Rural Lands.

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